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Natural Hand Crafted Lotions, Skin Care, Creams Made in Washington

I have a passion for finding a solution. Real life scenarios led me to creating all natural skin care products using essential oils and other natural ingredients. My natural lotions and creams are home made and hand crafted in Selah, Washington, but shipped all over the nation.

I make everything from foot cream to hand and body lotion to arthritis cream and toe nail fungus destroyer. If you need something special just let me know and I will see what I can do to make it special for you. 




 Welcome to Ann'ue Sensation where hand crafted skin care products are made with local natural ingredients (shipped from Washington State all over the US~)

Toe-Nail Fungus Destroyer : If you are bothered by unsightly yellow, hard and generally ugly and uncomfortable nails, try our FUNGUS DESTROYER. This mixture of special natural oils and botanicals kill fungus where it lives and allows a new, clean and clear nail to grow.

Sore Muscle and Arthritis Cream: Feel the relaxing effects of rosemary, juniper berry, sweet orange and sage as they penetrate your sore muscles and sooth your pain away. With the help of Emu oil and Kukui oil to reduce inflammation and muscle spasms, you will feel better and better after each use.

♥Magic Salve - Natural Rash Relief is wonderful for relief from eczema, very dry skin and even baby diaper rash! Diaper rash does not stand a chance against this amazing oil.! if you have a case of "trench foot" also known as athletes foot, 
try this oil to make it not only feel better but make it disappear!

Ultimate Face Cream: As for natural skin care products, there is nothing better than my Ultimate Face Cream. Use this silky smooth cream every day or every night to give your skin a fresh start and you will notice a softer, smoother and younger looking you in no time at all. I use a unique combination of Goats Milk and Jojoba Oil mixed with a select group of essential oils and botanicals.

Fungus Destroyer 


Sore Muscle & Arthritis Cream


Natural Butter Rash Reliever


Ultimate Face Cream



All of my products are made with the highest quality ingredients and with all the love I can muster!

 **** PARABEN FREE ****

 Enjoy your stay at Ann'ue Sensation. Please leave a little comment and let me know how you like my store. I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and look around. If I can be of any assistance, please drop me a note or give me a call at:

Annette Wells 509-969-4836

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 My products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are considered a “non-medical” cosmetic and are not intended to be used for diagnosing, prescribing, treating, curing or preventing any disease or illness or individual health problem or to replace expert care by a qualified medical practitioner. Consult your own physician regarding the treatment of any medical condition. You are encouraged to consult other sources and confirm the information contained in this website.

No medical claims are made about the use of the products sold by Ann’ue Sensation, nor are the products intended to be a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. If medical or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.




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  • "What a TERRIFIC skincare product!! Never tried goat's milk before and didn't know what I've been missing! Forget the $100 creams and serums -- go Buck Naked!! Thanks!! And thank..."
  • "I had to drag my husband to your stand in Packwood Sept 2012 because I am always looking for something to soothe his sore muscles and arthritis. He thought it would be just anot..."
    Sore Muscle & Arthritis Cream

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